Motherhood Mondays: Zubels Organics

It’s been quite a while since I did a mommy monday post. It’s because, well….I was busy being a mommy, that’s why! I enjoyed 2 lovely weeks at home in Kerala and cooked up quite a few authentic dishes with my grandmom, which I will share real soon. This is the first time I actually cooked while visiting home as opposed to just eating.

Anyway. While at home, there were a few unopened gifts for my son who just turned one, from friends and family. One of the things my son received was this adorable and amazingly soft stuffed monkey, from Zubels Organics. This particular doll is Rickey ‘Rotten’ Banana, a cute little monkey who dresses kind of like Fonzie from Happy Days and sports a blue mohawk. A monkey with a mohawk- who wouldn’t love that? You can even purchase his guitar accessory.

Zubels Organics uses 100% organic cotton yarns and eco-friendly dyes- so you don’t have to worry about your baby sleeping with toxins. And the fact that they are hand knit makes them so irresistibly soft and cuddly…as well as  easy to clean. I’ve often worried about fuzzy stuffed animals with acrylic hairs, which can go up your nose and gather a lot of dust. No worries in that department either with Zubels!

They do not retail in India, but if you have a friend or a relative making a trip abroad, they are worth the effort!

Visit their website at