Foodless Friday: Five Things

Another week flew by. The gist- here is what I’m:

Watching: Runaway Bride. (Just finished this afternoon, actually.) I know I am 13 years late. I don’t know why I bothered. The magic of the Pretty Woman duo did not repeat itself. I am over romantic comedies centred around people who have commitment issues!! (Also- the end credits had everything in a Newhart-type font. And the film was made in 1999!?)

Reading: Gunn’s Golden Rule’s by Tim Gunn. I loved him on Project Runway and on Oprah. I have only just begun; and have been reading about his years in school, getting bullied and teased, and the birth of ┬áhis ‘”make it work” philosophy.

Listening to: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Love the song, love the video even more!

Wearing: Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color in Pretty Beige, this lovely, light peachy shade. I have suddenly taken to glamming up!

Coveting: These White Python Amber Heels from Tibi. Snakeskin + mint = sigh!

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Photo courtesy |

Have a wonderful weekend!