An Experiment In Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is really big this season. Don’t believe me? Go ask the nice folks over at Gucci and Jil Sander.



But it’s been on our plates WAY before it hit the ramp.

Ok I’ll be honest, I was actually going through some fashion magazines when inspiration hit. I decided to make a nice colourful salad and put the runway on my plate. We’ve got gorgeous bursts of colour in our everyday produce that we don’t notice enough. Just look at my beautiful colour blocked salad!!!!!!  

Since it’s mango season, and mangoes are so bright and cheery, I just had to use them. And to complement it, I went and got some purple cabbage. Brilliant colour. What I like about purple cabbage is, it has a glossier texture compared to regular cabbage. Plus, it has a softer taste- not as raw. I wanted to use halved cherry tomatoes, but had none, so settled for plain old tamaatar. And the basil leaves I plucked from my garden. Rich yellow, purple, red and green: I think Frida Giannini should eat this.

I ❤ purple cabbage

Plating up vibrant natural colours- that was the main point of making this salad; I actually didn’t care what it tasted like as long as I found it pretty. Not a very wise premise for a dish, but I was making this for myself. And it tasted fine. I dressed it with some salt and lime juice, but you can use whatever you like. It’ll still be pretty!! (Ok, maybe not a thousand island or mayo based dressing.)

Just make sure your mangoes are not too ripe- they should be sweet and firm, even bordering on tart. If they are too ripe, they’ll get all mushy, and your salad will be slimy.