Howdy, It’s Been A While: Random Musings, Food & Books

I have been so busy with deadlines that I have neglected my blog and all my bloggy friends. So, if I have been spamming your blog with comments, it is only out of love. I really marvel at my friends A in L.A. and A in Bahrain who are full-time mothers, with full-time jobs, a family and home to manage  and STILL manage to blog often, and  quite wonderfully at that.

I wish I knew the secret blogging formula, but I cannot do what Copyblogger does and blog 24×7.

Yes, blogging is  science and an art and I’m sure by the time my son gets ready for college most phancy universities will offer courses in it. I’m telling you, ‘digital storytelling’ is the new creative writing.

Some random thoughts and happenings:

Stories. When I was a child, a story was something that came out of a book, ink and paper, bound and pressed. It had protagonists, a plot, a beginning, middle and an end; and a resolution to the said plot. Now thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, a story is any random piece of &%$#! that comes up on anyone’s Facebook page. Oh well.

Denim. I know that a lot of things change post-pregnancy. Some of us develop cravings for food which we didn’t care for earlier. Some of us develop aversions to things we loved. That has happened to me. I hate denim jeans now. I just can’t wear them anymore. I abhor the heaviness. I dislike the stretch. I detest the density.

So I invested in cropped cotton pants with a bit of stretch a la Audrey. Cotton is so much nicer. It helps me breathe. I know that style guides will accuse me of adding extra age to my frame by opting for slacks and doing away with denim in my 20’s, but I really don’t care. My face is the same  so it’s cool.

PEZ. I recently rediscovered this candy when I went shopping the other day! I love that artificial cherry tang. Crunch. Did you know there is a microsite dedicated to PEZ dispensers? My son loves it too! So now I know what to keep out of his reach. Toddlers on sugar highs=less naptime=not very nice for mommy. (Judging by how disjointed this paragraph is, perhaps I’m the one who needs to cut back on the PEZ.)

Nerds. Since I have been munching on PEZ, I suddenly realized how much I miss Nerds!! I love this candy. Sweet, tart, powdery, sugary: all at once! As I child, every Halloween, I’d pray that people would hand out more Nerds boxes and Snickers bars. I used to get very upset if I got stuck with candy corn. Nerds rock. They are pebbles of perfect awesomeness.

Some stuff that has been coming out of my kitchen: 

Last-minute mango & peach crumble, with the last fruits of the season.

Paneer butter masala. Always great for when people come over.

Chocolate cake. I have found my ultimate chocolate cake recipe (so far.)

Some recent book purchases:

Go my hands on How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

image courtesy |

I know. I caved. I have written earlier about how I do not really like Nigella, but there are so many great recipes in her book, and so many of my blogger friends have made wonderful things using this book, and I needed a baking book anyway, and Dorie’s book was out of stock, and you know….ok, enough with the validation.

I bought Nigella’s cookbook. All the better, because in her book, I only have to see her words, not her crazy-eyes.

I also got my hands on Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go Bernadette, simply because I read such great reviews about it and went through a sample. I am yet to start it, but looking forward to it!

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Great. I even got the ‘click to look inside!’ logo. How incredibly lazy of me. Oh well.

I have also regressed a few years, and have taken to watching Grey’s Anatomy.

In my defense, I have liked Patrick Dempsey since Can’t Buy Me Love in the 80’s. A dedicated fan even uploaded the entire film on Youtube for 80’s film geeks like me. ( I swear, it was not me. Truly.)

So that is what I have been upto, between cold-nursing, mothering and work.

Foodless Friday: Five Things

Another week flew by. The gist- here is what I’m:

Watching: Runaway Bride. (Just finished this afternoon, actually.) I know I am 13 years late. I don’t know why I bothered. The magic of the Pretty Woman duo did not repeat itself. I am over romantic comedies centred around people who have commitment issues!! (Also- the end credits had everything in a Newhart-type font. And the film was made in 1999!?)

Reading: Gunn’s Golden Rule’s by Tim Gunn. I loved him on Project Runway and on Oprah. I have only just begun; and have been reading about his years in school, getting bullied and teased, and the birth of  his ‘”make it work” philosophy.

Listening to: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Love the song, love the video even more!

Wearing: Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color in Pretty Beige, this lovely, light peachy shade. I have suddenly taken to glamming up!

Coveting: These White Python Amber Heels from Tibi. Snakeskin + mint = sigh!

Photo courtesy |

Photo courtesy |

Have a wonderful weekend!

CNN’s 50 Most Delicious Foods!!

CNN’s list of the world’s 50 most delicious foods is here!

India features twice, the masala dosa at #49, and butter garlic crab at #25. The dish supreme at number 1 is Thai massaman curry. I have eaten many foods on the list, but it’s more fun to see how many of those foods I’ve eaten in their countries of origin. So here goes my little list, just for fun. I’ve numbered them corresponding to their rank on CNN’s  list.

#50 Buttered popcorn, USA (Staple with Milk Duds at the movies.)

#49 Masala doasa, India (Duh. I live here.)

#48 Potato chips, USA (Pringles ki jai.)

#47 Seafood paella, Spain

#45 Chicken rice, Singapore

#40 Marzipan, Germany

#39 Ketchup, USA

#35 Chilli crab, Singapore

#22 Brownie and vanilla ice cream, global (Haven’t we all?)

#17 Lobster, global

#14 Donuts, USA (custard and jelly-filled win hands down.)

#13 Corn on the cob, global (As a hungry university student  in Delhi, bhutta was the cheapest! And tasty.)

#11 Rendang, Indonesia

#9 Ice-cream, USA (Rocky road… mmmmmm!)

#7 Penang assam laksa, Malyasia

#6 Hamburger, Germany (It was in Munich, not Hamburg, but still counts.)

#4 Sushi, Japan (I was 9 years old at the time, but still remember it. When you are young and think the wasabi rosette is pea-paste, and spread it generously on your sushi, believe you me, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT. My nose twitches and my eyes water just thinking about it.)

thanks to istockphoto and for the picture

You can read CNN’s whole list  here.