Snapshots 2013

As you can see I haven’t posted in 2 months- so just sharing some snapshots of what I’ve been upto.

I am planning to make some changes to the blog as we head into 2014, so you shall see me back soon!!

A lovely trip to Neemrana, Rajasthan

DSC01022A beautiful fort…


A sunset….


A camel ride…


Lounging by the pool….

Got milk.

Got milk.

And a delicious Rajasthani thali with dal-bati!


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A Trial With Tuile & Chocolate Chips

So this was an experiment. And it was ok. I’m going to be honest. These aren’t the best looking cookies (I think they look rather alien and amoeba-like, and since I used only one chocolate chip per cookie, it also exudes a one-eyed monster vibe.)


I’ve praised Michael Rulhman’s Ratio before, and make all my shortbread cookies using his recipe.

The section of his book dedicated to cookie dough offers up a variation of the 1-2-3 cookie. You add some egg whites and bake to get a light, crispy, golden yellow cookie, the tuile.

I thought I’d borrow a little from the tuile recipe and make a chocolate chip version. Ruhlman’s recipe calls for equal parts egg whites, sugar, flour and butter, but I used more flour. I added some baking powder too, to give it a more cakey effect. Real tuiles need deft handling to get them thin, crispy and in the right shape, and I didn’t have the patience to try; so I went with softer cake-like cookies.

But as far as experiments go, it wasn’t so bad. Completely edible and enjoyable, though not knock-your-socks-off fantastic. These reminded me of ladyfinger biscuits, so they’re not all that bad. Except ladyfingers don’t look like alieneyes.

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Hello, You. Good Old Chocolate Chipper.

I lose my blogarhythm every year at some point…and for some reason, planning and using an editorial calendar does not help. Things happen and  just get in the way of posting. Anyway, September is over, and after my laptop suffered injury last week, I can finally get back to posting.

(Sidenote- do any of you follow an editorial calendar? Do you bank some posts for a rainy day?)

So this month also happens to be my birthday month, so I am going to be trying out all kinds of cakes, cookies and more baked goodness. And for this week, I am going to be working with a classic, all-time favourite: chocolate chip cookies!

They are, and I suspect always will be, my favourite cookie. I’ve had my elementary school love-affair with Girl Scout samoas; been through a classic gingersnap phase when I was a teenager, and scarfed down my fair share of chocolate Hello Pandas in college, but chocolate chip cookies are the ones that I’ve always gone back too.

First love. Sweet love.

I have never much liked the chocolate chip cookie brands available in India, except for Hide n Seek Milano, because they are actually crumbly and buttery and the chocolate is still soft when you bite in. (Regular Hide n Seek and Good Day chocolate chippers are only for times when I am absolutely desperate.)

But why suffer mass-manufactured boxed chocolate chippers when you can make your own? They taste so much nicer. And they will make your house smell oh-so-good.

chocolate chip cookies and milk

image courtsey |, via

I’m going to be baking chocolate chip cookies three different ways, one of them the above, from Baked Bree.  In the meantime, here is a wonderful post from Handle The Heat: the ultimate guide to chocolate chip cookies!! A must-read, it’s quite brilliant.