A Catching Up Post With Stuff I Like

It’s been close to two weeks since I posted. And I feel myself falling into that blog limbo where you have been away, you haven’t posted, and you keep looking for something interesting to blog about, and then find excuses not to. Other people will just call it procrastination! (I am still trying to Eat My Frog, folks.)

I was on vacation in Kerala, so that took up some of my time, and I was unable to post. It’s at times like these that an editorial calendar and banking lots of posts for a rainy day helps. I’ll be sharing some of those pictures and a recipe tomorrow.

For now, a roundup of some stuff I have been loving across the web…

Living in Bombay means making do with small spaces and cooking out of small kitchens. But, like many other people put there, I do have my own little vision of a dream kitchen. And I never pass up a kitchen tour online! I wouldn’t mind white stone interiors like this cottage kitchen in Greece. So naturally beautiful!

image courtesy | thekitchn.com

image courtesy | thekitchn.com

When I do build my ideal kitchen one day, I sooo want to have a breakfast bar like this one.

image courtesy | decoist.com, Kaplan Thompson Architects

image courtesy | decoist.com, Kaplan Thompson Architects

Another cute kitchen is from this bed and breakfast in the movie Leap Year. It’s a fun movie, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, following the two as they trek from one spot in Ireland to the next. I loved the decorative plate-wall in the kitchen of the little bed & breakfast they stayed in. And the lovely Grace from Design*Sponge had pictures!

image courtesy | designsponge.com

image courtesy | designsponge.com

And I love this tour of Food52 founder and writer Amanda Hesser’s NYC kitchen. What I love most? Her chopping station, designed specially to accommodate her petite frame.

From kitchens to the pros who inhabit them…quick snapshot of celebrity chefs and their take on food trends from the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival courtesy Popsugar. Cronuts were much discussed!

And I know I may be waking up a little late to the Momofuku Milk Bar phenomenon, but I have to admit Christina Tosi is my new girl crush. Anyone who can add potato chips and pretzels to a cookie is some kinda awesome.

image courtesy | newyorker.com

image courtesy | newyorker.com

Protein has a fun video.

And last, but not least: 2 books I’d like to get my hands on.

Perfect by Felicity Cloake and Cooking For Mr Latte by Amanda Hesser.

6 thoughts on “A Catching Up Post With Stuff I Like

    • Hey Jennifer! It’s good to be back 🙂 I have a lot of older comments to reply to as well! Milk Bar is part of David Chang’s Momofuku empire, and it’s a bakery that has all these amazing sweets and savouries. They ship all over America, but I will have to settle for the cookbook for now 😦

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