Shortbread Week + A Guest Post For Uru!

I was away last week, in lush green Guwahati, attending a close friend’s wedding. Guwahati was beautiful and green; I had lots of delicious fish curry, inhaled the gorgeous scent of Assamese limes (which I now feel could kick a Meyer lemon’s behind anyday, with it’s heady aroma and sharp, sweet taste) and ate way too many sweets.

And of course, since my son was tucked under my arms, I couldn’t really take any pictures. And yes, I am kicking myself a little. But sometimes it can’t be helped.

But I do have a picture of something I baked for Choc Chip Uru’s blog!

lemon shortbread nutella sandwich cookies

I did a guest post for her and am so thrilled, because she is one of my favourite people  in the blogosphere! I made lemon shortbread cookies and sandwiched them with Nutella, and for the rest of the week I am going to be sharing more shortbread cookie recipes. (And yes, that is my toddler’s butter knife you can see in the picture. It just works better!)

Seriously, this shortbread or 1-2-3 cookie recipe is simple, quite forgiving and once you have the basic dough down, the options are limitless. Honestly. So you can check out this recipe over at Uru’s blog, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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