Foodless Friday: Five Things

….and it’s Friday again! Here’s this week’s list.

Reading: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Wonderful advice on writing, period. It should be on every book-lover’s list.

Watching: 2 Days In New York. I adore Julie Delpy for the rockstar that she is: actress, writer, director and all-round funny woman. 2 Days In Paris was laugh-out-loud funny, and this, the sequel, is even funnier. It has Chris Rock juxtaposed with Julie Delpy’s crazy/quirky French family running amok in NYC. No one can watch this movie and NOT laugh…it’s just that funny!

Listening to: This up-tempo version of In The Hall Of The Mountain King from The Social Network.

DIY-ing: This gorgeously simple homemade lip scrub from {love+cupcakes}!

Loving: This cute turnip apron from The Home Label.

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image courtesy |

Have a great weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

    • Oh trust me I have crawled through one book over 6 months! I also picked up this book called Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas, which I’m going to start reading on my mini-vacation this week!

    • Haha!! Ooh yes definitely my sisters-in-law and I have been thinking about an NYC trip, just us and the kids. One day! And not too far away, if I can help it. Hope the settling-in is going well!

  1. every time i read a post by you it convinces me we should be hanging out. i’m getting the anne lamott book (maybe it will help with he novel i’m writing) and i am definitely watching 2 days in new york (per your recommendation)

    • A girl who throws a cake party in the street is a girl after my own heart! And you are writing a novel too? Respect. It takes courage to pen things down like that; I’ve been trying for years. And yes- watch the movie, it will make you laugh! And maybe someday when I’m on the other side of the world we’ll hang out 🙂

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