Celebration Time! Easy Birthday Treats

After a week of salty and savoury crackers, I need some sugar. And since my niece and nephew’s birthday is coming up (they’re twins,) this week I’ll be sharing quick party treats that kids can enjoy. Here’s the deal: I’m no Martha, and while I cannot create a fabulous spa-themed birthday party from scratch, I do know that some colourful balloons and streamers, plus a yummy cupcake and sugary cookie can satiate many a tiny tot.

Since I love Nutella, I’ll be posting Nutella cupcakes tomorrow.

image courtesy |  weheartit.com

image courtesy | weheartit.com

I’m also going to try my hand at a frosted sugar cookie.

image courtesy |weheartit.com

image courtesy |weheartit.com

And something with marshmallows, too 🙂

image courtesy |weheartit.com

image courtesy |weheartit.com

While I’m at it, here’s a look at some sweet stuff I found across the web.

♥ Kafka for kids. The illustrations are riveting.

♥ How tempting is this gluten-free torte?

♥ And 90’s gem and everyone’s favourite  movie Clueless turns 18! Though I do think I have outgrown Cher Horowitz quotes…gasp…as if!!

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