Happily Homemade: Baking Crackers

We’re halfway through July already! Here in India, we are soon approaching the festival season. In Bombay, it feels like one long festive season once Ganesh Chaturti arrives. Then there’s durga puja, navratra, Diwali and of course, Christmas. So I’m going to use the months preceding the festivities to learn how to make some  savory snacks.

I remember my grandmom making stuff for the festive season and otherwise; snacks like murukku, diamond cuts and thattai; and these were a common sight on our table at tea-time. I used to love eating sweet diamond-cuts; I’d lick the sugar off till they got soggy and the  finish them off.

Most of these snacks are deep-fried. I thought I’d attempt making them a little healthy by baking them as crackers. It would give room to experiment with flavours; plus, I’d get to work with flours I don’t normally use!

diff flours in small bowlsSo I dedicate this week to testing out new flours: whole-wheat aata flour, chickpea flour (besan,) and fine semolina (barik rava.) 

I hope to make some easy snacks that are healthy and convenient!


3 thoughts on “Happily Homemade: Baking Crackers

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