When It Rains, It Pours

It has been a week since I posted, and I was beginning to feel myself slipping back into my old habits. This week the rain has been coming down with renewed force; and it has been really windy and a tad chilly. Our whole family has been down with the sniffles- the worst kind, in fact- the ones that are just kind of there, and don’t go away in a hurry.

Since I haven’t had the energy to create something substantial, I’m sharing some Instagrammed pics.

I have been testing out shortbread recipes and made these cookies with almond meal and chocolate chips.

These cookies were a hit with my son, niece and nephew; a few more trials and tweaks and I shall be ready to post it!

I also bought a giant jar of Nutella which I am struggling to finish now. After cake and toast and cookies, I STILL have some leftover. Which led me to make this disgustingly sweet Nutella hot chocolate, which turned out to be a lesson in restraint. I now know that yes, there is such a thing as too much chocolate.

And today as I was preparing to make some marinated aubergines Ottolenghi-style, look what I found! An itsy bitsy baby aubergine. How cute is that?

Hmmm. I really should get out more!


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