Foodless Friday: Five Things

Aah, the first week of July is already over! Here’s what I’m:

Reading: The Skimm. A daily newsletter of the biggest news headlines around the world, simplified and explained for those who need to dig deeper, but may not have the time to. I signed up and I’m addicted! Plus, it’s fun 🙂

Watching: Anna Karenina. Tolstoy’s mighty classic, directed by Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The cast does a wonderful job; and Wright’s theatrical background shines through- the transitions between scenes unfold as if on stage in a real theatre.

Listening to: The Longest Time by The Overtones. I’m an acapella and vocal harmony kinda girl- I was part of an acapella choir in college (yes, loud and proud!) and The Longest Time was part of our repertoire. Love The Overtones’ version!

Awestruck by: Images of the Facebook vault. This is where all our likes, shares, you-name-it are stored!

Loving: This cream patisserie cake carrier from World Market.

cake carrier

image courtesy |

Have a great weekend!


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