Summer Fruit Fun: Cherries!

July is already here! Half the year has gone by, so quickly too. I wanted to make the most of seasonal summer fruit before everything went away. I shared mango recipes last week, and this week I’m going to be baking with cherries!!

fresh cherries in a bowl

I picked up a box of Kashmiri cherries from my grocer and pitted and chopped some of them today. Don’t let the pale color fool you- they are sweet even though they don’t look it. I was quite surprised myself!

The funny thing is, cherry was my absolute favourite flavor for everything when I was a kid. Cherry Kool-Aid, cherry Life Savers, cherry Nerds, cherry bubble gum and lollipops, cherry-vanilla ice cream…yet, cherries are the one fruit I have probably eaten the least of in natural form. You didn’t get them much in Kerala, and while at college in Delhi…well, let’s just say as a college student buying seasonal fruit was not my top priority. As an adult, I moved on to cherry preserves. (Bonne Maman I eat straight out of the jar like dessert. Honest to goodness.)

So that’s the story. Cherries…well, I’ve never really worked with them before, but I am determined to try đŸ™‚

Since I didn’t do a Foodless Friday last week (the reason? I actually fell asleep on my laptop, after spending over 2 hours trying to out my son to bed, ) here are some things I’ve been admiring:

♥ These gorgeous dream kitchens…I definitely want a combination of the sleek and modern + blue kitchen!

♥  These pretty chevron art prints for the kitchen. Retro, colourful and with a little message!

♥ This adorable DIY kiddie reading nook project.

♥ This book. I do love dessert!

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