What I Ate In Doha, Instagrammed :)

I love our family trips to Doha.  We’re all enthusiastic about shopping and eating, and Doha is a city which offers plenty of both.  Walk into any grocery store in Doha and you’ll be blown away  myriad varieties of produce from different countries- and I say myriad because it really is!

Agreed, most goods are air-freighted in, since Qatar is in the desert- and locavores and terra madre compadres would gag at the thought of ever touching that- but either way, it’s pretty amazing to look at.

Yes, that is me being the awkward Indian who gushes about grocery stores abroad. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Yes, I love Bombay and all that, but there really is only so much stuff you get at Godrej Nature’s Basket and HyperCity. And the imported berries here certainly don’t look as good as the berries you get in Doha!

On my agenda this visit was Magnolia Bakery, which opened shop at Dar Al Salam Mall earlier this year.

Some people say Magnolia is over-hyped; but I think it lived up to the hype. The banana pudding was delicious; in fact I was eating it as an after-breakfast dessert!

And of course, I bought their classic vanilla cupcake with the signature swirl. One with chocolate icing, one with vanilla!

We had a quick snack at Mia Cafe at the Museum Of Islamic Art when we visited. You must go here for the view- it looks on to West Bay. And their haloumi and grilled vegetable salad with pesto dressing is fantastic!

They have a mean olive focaccia with chicken chorizo too.

We enjoyed the sights and sounds of Souk Waqif by night.

Chicken kababs with kubus | image courtesy rahul asrani

Chicken kababs with kubus | image courtesy rahul asrani

DSC_0001 (2)

Dried lemons | image courtesy rahul asrani

And took a break from the heat with  gorgeous, dense, creamy gelato sticks at The Stick House.

We breakfasted on speckled quail eggs.

And for tea, there were buttery mini muffins with plump sultanas and sugared fingerellas.

We made sure to include berries in our diet each day…for the antioxidants, of course 😛 (I’m kidding. Antioxidants were the last thing on my mind when I bought this tart!)

And there were plenty more cupcakes.

I know it seems like I didn’t do much else but eat. But that’s what happens when you are fortunate enough to marry into a family of food lovers 🙂 But I did go for a walk each morning along Corniche, to compensate somewhat for the not-so-petit dejeuners! (And lunches, and dinners.)


3 thoughts on “What I Ate In Doha, Instagrammed :)

  1. I live five minutes from Magnolia Bakery. Just had a thought! Myself and a bunch of mums meet there once a week for coffee, a moan and a cupcake. You could have been there for all I know, I mean, right there, maybe even next to me, trying to ignore my loud voice. Or maybe not!

    Alain Ducasse has opened a restaurant at MIA. Haven’t been to it yet but supposedly is good. Next on the list for you is Damascus at the Souq Waqif and Jones the Grocer for brunch, or lunch, or dinner come to think of it!

    Where in the world is The Stick House?

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