Adventures In Eggless Cupcake Baking Part 1

Well, I’ve gone the eggless route before, with some pretty poor and pretty good results. And last week, I had to test out a few more recipes for my son’s birthday. My son’s preschool allows homemade cake, as long as it is eggless (for children who are pure vegetarian and/or may be allergic.)

I scoured the interwebs (I love using that word now. Interwebs!!) looking for vegan and eggless cupcake recipes. While the previous vanilla cupcakes I made came out quite well, I didn’t want to use another recipe with so much condensed milk. It’s just that the thought of all that condensed milk was making me cringe a little, you know?

I found a few using milk, milk+ vinegar and other substitutes like coconut milk. I spent a week baking till I found the perfect recipe…well, for me at least!

Attempt 1: 

This one is from, really simple and uses ingredients that can be found in any pantry. It was created by the author as an alternative to those times when free-range eggs are not available. The blog itself states that it is by no means a perfect recipe, and it came out just about ok. The texture was fine, but taste-wise, it didn’t hit the mark- it had that baking soda aftertaste, if you know what I mean.


As you can see, the tops kind of deflated and sunk in when I checked for done-ness.

Attempt 2:

This one is from a great site I discovered that has some wonderful vegan cupcake recipes, The recipe calls for my new obsession, almond meal, and the cupcakes looked so pretty and light I just had to try it out. I did fiddle around with the recipe a little though.

  •  I increased the amount of almond meal;
  • I used regular whole milk instead of soy milk. 

These tasted great and the crumb was nice and moist; however some of the cupcakes were a little raw in the centre. Right now, I’m thinking I got a little carried away with changing the almond meal:flour ratio.


Attempt 3:

If you know my love for all things chocolate, then you know I would not be able to rest without trying out at least one chocolate flavoured recipe. These came out wonderfully, and this time around, I stuck to the recipe. No complaints here!

I tried my hand at another round of frosting! Still shaky, but better than the last time.

I tried my hand at another round of frosting! Still shaky, but better than the last time.

I had actually pretty much decided to stick to this one, but then, I chanced upon another recipe which tempted me more. And boy, oh boy, did those cupcakes turn out to be more dense, decadent and gorgeous than these!

And that, I will share with you next 🙂

It’s not that I don’t have the space in this post, it’s just that I wanted to add a part-2 to my Adventures In Eggless Cupcake Baking.

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