Foodless Friday: Five Things

The first Foodless Friday post of 2013! It’s been way too long. Anyway, here is what I’m:

Reading: The Sweet Life In Paris by David Lebovitz. Just finished it, in fact. I recommend it to any and every food lover! It is peppered with funny anecdotes about adjusting to Parisian life and contains recipes at the end of each chapter. A wonderful, light read. Plus, the chapters are’t too long so you can read with ease!

Watching: Rosemary’s Baby. I have always had a fascination with horror flicks and this one was has been on my list for a while. Loved Mia Farrow. Watch it for sure if you liked the Omen series.

Listening to: Pi’s Lullaby from the Life Of Pi soundtrack. I was really hoping this would win the Best Original Song Oscar, but when you have Adele singing the Bond track, fat chance. But you must listen to it. It’s beautiful.

Tired of: Everyone and their grand-aunt inviting me to play Criminal Case on Facebook. Really now.

Loving: This heart-shaped leather key ring with a mirror inside from Aspinal Of London. 

image courtesy |

image courtesy |

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

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  2. Love that keyring! That song is so chilled out, loved Life of Pi – have you read the book? Even better! I used to have Rosemary’s Baby on VHS taped off the TV when I was about 11 or 12, I loved that film. Needs a re-watch I think!

    • I read the book way back when it came out. I loved the movie as well! And I loved Mia Farrow in RB. Oh I remeber those clunky VHS tapes!! How times have changed 😀

  3. Minus the horror flick (Why?????) all are on my to-do list, which never seems to diminish. What is the lullaby sung in? Tamil or Malayalam? My Malayalam is at best, ropey….Keralites wince when I speak haha!

    • Lol! I know…I have a thing for horror flicks 😛 The song is in Tamil…and don’t worry my Malayalam is very colloquial. Political speeches go over my head!

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