Happy New Year. On The Last Day Of The First Month Of The New Year!

I truly wish I could apply the seat of my pants to a chair everyday for a designated amount of time and just blog. Not just post; but read and comment and share. I’ve been saying enough of this through 2012, and the adult thing to do would be stop saying I’d like to, and just do. 

And I shall not use my toddler as an excuse, because now he goes to preschool and is out of the house for two whole hours.

I think other mothers with energetic toddlers will tell you how precious those two hours become.

Anyway. I digress.

On to kitchen-related stuff: his past month I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a baking workshop; taught by none other than The Purple Foodie. 

Shaheen was on a break from Paris and came home to sunny Bombay to teach us a thing or two about baking. And what a wonderful experience it was!

Not only did we get to hear stories about classes at Le Cordon Bleu (where she has been studying  patisserie and cuisine,) we also got to see her in action and sample the lovely goodies she baked for us. We also got to take home vanilla beans

And yes, they look just as gorgeous as they do on her blog and taste even better!

I learnt a great deal from the workshop- the science behind baking; techniques; proper use of ingredients and substitution; and plenty more. I was very excited to meet Shaheen since I have been following her blog for 3 years now. And what can I say? She’s a lovely person-friendly and patient; and so passionate and enthusiastic about her craft.

I walked away from the class with a wealth of knowledge, a very satisfied tummy, a few new friends and even more passionate about butter, sugar and flour.

And these pictures- all from my phone cam, unfortunately 😛



Cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread


Cooked figs for the fig and hazelnut bars




Pate sablee dough


Fig frangipane tart, almost ready for the oven.

These are just some of the things we baked. How can one not be gloriously happy after an afternoon with such delicious goodies?

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year. On The Last Day Of The First Month Of The New Year!

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  3. You really shdnt be blaming yourself for blogging less… At least you took out the time to go pursue what you love! And with Shaheen, no less!! Thats more than a lot of us here can say 😛 The baked goodies look smashing! Lucky you…

  4. A very belated comment on this post…forgive me! But I too share the problem of finding enough time for blogging, reading and commenting, and generally enjoying life!

    This bread looks divine Meenakshi! Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

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