Happy Onam Everyone!

Today is Onam, Kerala’s harvest festival. So we get dressed up,  sing, dance make  merry and eat and drink on banana leaves!

As most of you can see, I haven’t been posting, but here are some images from some of the stuff that went into, and came out of, our Onam kitchen!

I will be back with a bang (it may be a sputter if my cold doesn’t subside) next week- till then, wishing everyone peace, love and plenty!!

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23 thoughts on “Happy Onam Everyone!

    • Thanks Smidge! Yeah, we actually do get to buy bunches like these at larger markets; but these came from a home garden near my mom’s office. They sell some of their stuff once in a while!

    • Thanks Ameena! I am, as a matter of fact, but rain (read torrential downpour) has made a reappearance in Mumbai and the days are damp and gloomy. Drinking Earl Grey, staring out the window.

  1. Happy Onam, I am ashamed to admit that I completely missed it 😦 And I can’t even cook it! Oh well, I have a year to practice 😉 Hope you feel better soon Meenakshi….

  2. Happy Onam!!! Hope you had a wonderful sadya to dig into. I went to Saravana bhavan (since it was a working day) and dug into some not so splendid sadya. Will make my own tomorrow.

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