WIAW: Food Without Pictures, A List For Your Reading Pleasure

So WP is still acting weird and all I seem to be able to view is a cached copy. It is getting beyond annoying. I can’t post pictures and even when I visit my friend’s blogs, I see them as cached copies.

Anyway. Here’s What I Ate on Wednesday:

A breakfast of dosas and coconut chutney. After my observations last week about how I was always eating cereal, I decided it was time to make a change. Yes I Can!! I screamed as I woke up on Independence Day (yesterday was Independence Day for us here.) I bought some dosa batter the previous evening (it was a cop-out, I bought my batter from a bakery instead of making it at home…but it is a step,) and the chutney I made fresh. The result? Not half bad. My dosa making skills need to be refined, but they suited us quite nicely for the day. I unconsciously made our breakfast to match the colour of the Indian tricolour flag: green (chutney) white (dosa) saffron (orange juice.) 

Lunch of steamed white rice, tadka dal, chicken cutlets and cabbage thoran.

Dinner was paneer paranthas.

I remain sad and irritable about the state of affairs on WordPress. I think my laptop needs to go to the doctor.

All words and no pics make my blog…rather dull. Sigh.

Shall I regale you with some tales from my life then?

  • My son likes to show his love for me by biting me. I have incisor marks all over my left shoulder and arm. The only way I can get him to stop is by gently tugging at his nose.
  • I went to my DVD rental guy to return some movies which were a week overdue. I rented 3: one was a very popular Bollywood flick, Vicky Donor, the other two were Emma and The Young Victoria. My keeping the Bollywood flick did not go down well. DVD guy told me that he only had 3 copies of Vicky Donor in total, and since it was hugely popular, my keeping it for so long made him incur a loss. Understandable. When I pulled out Rs 300 to pay for the fine, he gave me Rs 200 back. I said I took 3, you should fine me for 3, I said. He looked at Emma and The Young Victoria and said “You could keep them for a month and it wouldn’t make a difference. Yeh puraane zamaane ke British picture…sirf aap hi dekhte hain.” (You’re the only one who watches these movies about British people from a bygone era.)
  • My DVD guys knows me so well.  In my hands, for my next rental, was a copy of the BBC miniseries Pride & Prejudice. 
  • Colin Firth as Mr Darcy…..mmmmm 🙂
  • Emoticons are about the only bit of pictorial fun I can create on my blog now,so 🙂 😦 😛 😀 
  • I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the number of popstars who dye their hair weird colours, wear strange fascinators and NO PANTS. Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry I am talking about you.
  • Seriously, why don’t popstars like wearing pants anymore?
  • I reckon I have become a prude post motherhood. 
  • I reckon if I make any more bullet points, I will lose you forever.

So till next time dear reader…hopefully, a time when my WP, my browser and my laptop are well aligned and have a propensity to be amicable. 

Fare thee well.


22 thoughts on “WIAW: Food Without Pictures, A List For Your Reading Pleasure

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh I enjoyed this immensely!! You are gifted with words Meenakshi and a quick wit. I was howling about the video guy, I so know how he sees you as it’s how they see me here!

    Pictures or not, this post was hugely entertaining! Agree with you on the popstars, more about the lack of underclothing than hair colour…seriously, how unhygenic at the very least!


    • Wow thank you ever so much that comment really made my day…heck, it made my week! Well, you are also gifted with fantastic photography and styling skills and the stringing together words to make your food look even more appealing! I’m glad there are others out there who enjoy a good period drama. How was Spain?

      • Och, shush, but thanks haha!
        Period dramas are the bees knees. Have you watched North and South with Richard Armitage (yummy!) and Daniela Denby-Ashe? HIGHLY recommend it.
        Spain was fantastic…have a rather long winded post published on it. Took ages!!
        Hope WP is good to you, soon.

  2. You know what? Even without pictures and without too much food talk, this post of yours was one of my favorites!! 😀
    Am with you on no pants! Hey, but weird colored hair? I might have a penchant for that… I have tried red and blonde highlights and if it didnt make my hair dry, I would be experimenting even more!! 😛

  3. I LOVE dosa. Love it. I wish I could make it but seriously, I have zero patience and talent in the kitchen.

    Good luck with the WP problems. And have a great week!

  4. I am so impressed that you broke out of your breakfast rut and jealous of your tadka dal! Maybe we should all start walking round in pant-less then they’d want to do something else all too fast and the whole thing would be over with (with only the minor shame and indignity of a day in public with no pants!!) How werid that your wordpress is still (as my nan would say) playing silly buggers! Have you tried it on a different browser? Chrome gave up letting me do anything about a week ago, moving back to firefox seemed to iron out all the stuff that wasn’t working!

    • Thanks so much for the pingback!! I should put up a recipe for easy tadka dal soon. It’s such a staple, yet never think to share it. Oh and my WP is the silliest bugger of all right now. Getting it resolved over the weekend!

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  6. Haaaahhaahhaha this made me laugh. I don’t understand weird hair and no pants either. Get some pants, ladies! Or shorts! A dress? Teensy skirt? Anything is better than nothing. Whatsa matter with jeans? Jeans are awesome! And may match your hair.

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