What I Ate Wednesday: Lotsa Chicken.

Yes, it is that time of the week when I share with you What I Ate on Wednesday!!

Like anyone really cares. It’s not like I’m Kim Kardashian. Or Michael Phelps.

But What I Ate Wednesdays is about community and sharing….sharing the two things that bring us together, eating and blogging!

I had quite a substantial intake of protein, since two meals were centred around chicken.

Breakfast was Honey Loops. (I know. I am the Worst South Indian Ever. People come to my home expecting to wake up to soft, fluffy idlis and crisp dosas with rich, spicy coconut chutney, and then they see that we usually eat eggs and toast/poha/cereal for breakfast. Talk about a joykill.)

Lunch consisted of two Kolkata-style chicken rolls which I picked up from a new grab-and-go restaurant in my neighbourhood. I had just finished grocery shopping and had run some errands, and these looked quite enticing.

Dinner consisted of Asian chicken lettuce wraps. This I was quite happy with. I will be sharing the recipe for this soon. It’s actually quite easy, and it’s another one of those things that can up your phancy quotient at the dinner table.

A little lomo never hurt anyone

What have you been noshing on?


20 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Lotsa Chicken.

  1. I’m all over the Kolkata-style chicken tolls. Yuuuum! Also, I do care what you eat. I really, really do. I do not care what Kim Kardashiam eats. Nope (cause I’d probly just be really annoyed to find out that she looks like that and eats fried chicken and brownies all day. OR I’d be annoyed that she looks like that because she exists solely on coconut water, truffle oil, and gold plated smoothies).

  2. Fruit, cereal, yogurt, nuts for breakfast. leftover sabji and a roti for lunch (alone) and a Zucchini omelette and a salad for dinner! A standard weekday meal.by another lousy South Indian 🙂

  3. The chicken wrap looks yummy. Looking forward to the recipe. What did I have on Wedesday? Hmmm… Nothing phancy….Breakfast was Aappam and egg roast . Lunch was standard issue dal chaval subzee from office canteen (bleah!) . Dinner was yum! Dosas and lovely chicken curry ( our family recipe Kandala chicken curry made with roasted coconut , coriander and aromats) made by moi. Dessert was Dove dark chocolate. And then watching Master Chef Australia on Star World !

  4. I eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Don’t need a fancy plate or lettuce around them. Can keep on bloggin’ while I am eating. Have found a few shells between the keys.

  5. I just had to brag! What I Ate Wednesday–dinner at Jamie’s Italian in Dubai! It’s everything I imagined and more. Crispy squid, crab and chilli bruschetta, crab and squid ink risotto, garlicky green beans, tiramisu. The food was just divine! Missed you more than G!

    • I am happy. And jealous!! squid ink risotto!! Garlicky grean beans! And Jamie’s tiramisu! How wonderful. The crab bruschetta must’ve been amazing. Did I mention I am jealous? We will go together one day.

    • Wow..u have made me jealous! Cochin has only one restaurant that serves anything resembling good Italian good. I just love risotto and a good bruschetta. Lucky you !!

  6. Those chicken rolls look tasty and I can’t wait for the recipe for chicken lettuce wraps (especially because *she crosses her fingers* they look oven-free?!) What I Ate Wednesday is weird isn’t it – we really shouldn’t care what anyone else eats, but it fascinates me (and makes me hungry!)! Maybe it’s just because I’m so nosy…

    • Thanks Rach, your comments always make me smile! Yup, these are oven free and not much oil either. So quite healthy that way. And hey- we’re all nosy…I think that is part of the charm of WIAW!!

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