Foodless Friday: Five Things

The weekend is here!! Yay. And another month flew by. Here’s what I’m:

Reading: Since the 2012 Olympic Games have kicked off, I had to put that in here somewhere! This article from The Salt about the calorie consumption and diet habits of Olympians. Fascinating statistics indeed!

Watching: The Manxman. I am quite the Alfred Hitchcock fan, and I recently bought a DVD box set containing 5 of his early films, before he became the toast of Hollywood. This 1929 picture is a silent film, set in the Isle Of Man and based on a romantic novel of the same name. The story follows the lives of a lawyer and fisherman who are close friends, and focuses on one man’s lost love. This film is…well, strictly for Hitchcock fans. It is a silent film, after all, and without much whimsy or comedy…so the characters are mostly distressed through the film, and this makes it a little tedious to watch- there are only so many melancholy expressions one can sit through. Check it out if you are interested in Hitchcock and films from that era. (I have also realized that if a silent film does not contain someone as yummy as Jean Dujardin, then it is not that fun to watch. Sync sound is way better!)

Listening to: Rain by Madonna. It has been raining all week, and this is one of my all-time favourite Madonna songs. I think she looks her best here.

Confessing: Since we are talking about silent films and sync sound, I must tell you, when I was little, I used to read the end credits of every movie I watched, religiously. And I thought that a ‘boom operator’ was someone who supervised explosions on set, if any. Later, I learnt from my father that a boom operator was a technician who handled boom mics.

Loving: This Melie Bianco gourmet carrier. Gourmet carrier sounds so phancy and so much nicer than lunch bag!! Available in this season’s trendiest colours, this is a colourful, sleek and fun way to carry your lunch!

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Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

  1. Love that story about the boom operator – hehe! I always used to read the credits too – I wonder why?! I am definitely not a Madonna fan, but I remember getting TV Hits back in the day and each week (fortnight? whatever…) it came with four song lyric cards on the back. When Rain came out, that was one of them, so I sang along at any opportunity, lyric card in hand! haha!

    • Oh how I miss lyric cards and old Sony tapes with lyrics on the flap. I realized my son won’t even understand what a tape is when I show him a picture! And I think reading credits shows that we pay attention to detail and that we appreciate all aspects of film.

    • Oh how nice! I used to have a hot pink nylon material ‘brown paper bag’ style lunch bag. It would still be trendy today! Sadly, I did not save it. Oh well.

  2. You just made a comment (after my comment) about giving up some computer time.
    I thought I better get over to your blog fast and see what you are doing that is taking up so much of your time. 🙂

    Seems it is lots of interesting things. I will have to follow and see if you really do give up computer time. (I won’t tell.)

    • Hahaha!! Thanks so much for visiting! Lol. Well, right now both the bebe and the hubby are napping, so I don;t feel guilty. The online world can be really addictive…and sometimes I know I should shut down and walk away. But the good part is getting to meet new people like this!!

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