Foodless Friday: Five Things

As you can see, my blog is spammed with comments. MY OWN. Since I did not reply to comments for a long time,  (since May, actually,) I sat down and replied to all of them yesterday and thus spammed my own blog.

Not spammed exactly, but you know, just invaded the comments section with guns blazing and index-fingers sharp.

Now I know the importance of replying right and replying on time. Oh well. So much for reading Eat That Frog. Here’s what I’m:

Reading: Ummm…actually I am still on The Happiness Project. What? It’s a small typeface. And I’ve been busy.

Watching: My Week With Marilyn. I am a little behind in my Oscar viewing, and this one is fantastic. Kenneth Branagh makes a wonderful Sir Laurence Olivier, complete with that little side-flick of hair. Add to it a wonderful Brit cast (Eddie Redmayne, Dominic Cooper and Emma Watson.) But Michelle Williams steals the show, hands down…it’s almost eerie the way she rolls her eyes and how much she resembles Marilyn Monroe. I am actually an Audrey Hepburn fan through and through, but watch this and you will go on a  Marilyn trivia and history search!!

Listening to: Forrest Gump soundtrack. Classic, feel-good American tunes which can carry you through the week. My favourites are Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and Joy To The World.

Wondering: I have been obsessing over Marilyn Monroe and her life this week. Have you ever wondered whether you are a Jackie O or a Marilyn? Take the quiz. 

Loving: These notepads from, a great new website that offers beautiful, fun and quirky stationery. They have some really gorgeous gift bags too!!

photo courtesy |

photo courtesy |

Have a great weekend everyone!!


12 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

    • I was never a self-help fan, but I am actually liking this one. I really needed to work on my patience levels and control my urge to fight over small things, and THP has made me take a deep breath and keep calm instead of reacting in my usual way,which usually led to unpleasant-ness.

    • Lol! I like that term, food snob. It’s so great to read everyone’s take on recipes and how we use them! I tweak because I like to add something of my own as well. by the way I wish I could visit NYC and take advantage of some of your reviews!

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