Foodless Friday: Five Things

I am a bad, bad blogger. Not responding to comments, not visiting my friends (Ameena, Anita, Deeps, Heather, Madhu, Malou, Styleonthecouch, Violetsandcardamom- I’m talking about you. Sorry.)

Reading: Knock At A Star, an anthology of children’s poetry, oraganised thematically. My mother gave me this book when I was little, and now that I am a mother myself, I  have been reading aloud to my son. It’s a great collection of fun poems and limericks featuring everyone from Ogden Nash to Emily Dickinson.

Watching: Gossip Girl Season 1. All over again. I am on this trip of  giving my brain ZERO intellectual nourishment while staring at designer headbands on Leighton Meester’s head. I’m on holiday. I believe I am allowed.

Listening to: Buena Vista Social Club. I have a whole playlist on my ipod, and whenever it gets rainy in Kerala, I have it on loop. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the tropical connection?

Wondering: Why do people assume that motherhood means you stop working, period? In the last 10 days at least 10 people have been shocked to learn that I (a) work from home and (b) people can actually work from home. Oh well.

Lathering up with: Forest Essentials  Delicate Facial Cleanser with Kashmiri Saffron and Neem. Forest Essentials is a luxury Ayurvedic brand from India, and they use organic, all natural, locally sourced ingredients for their beauty and wellness range. And their products are just divine. And my skin actually feels softer!

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I am gearing up for Kerala new year, Vishu. I’ll be posting pics of our banana-leaf New Year’s feast soon! Have a great weekend everyone.


8 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

  1. Happy Vishu to all of you! Here is another book recommendation for you- Cutting for Stone; by Abraham Verghese. Enjoy if you have not read it yet.

  2. This face cleanser sounds amazing! Love the suggestion with the poetry book. My littlest guy loves to read, and even though he is several grade levels ahead of himself (makes me so proud) he loves to read WITH me. You’re not a bad blogger lol. We all get busy. I’ve actually noticed that many blogs I follow have been sparse on posting lately (myself included!) Thanks for Foodless Friday, though. It’s one of my favorite things.

    • Thanks so much Heather! Comments like these keep me going 🙂 Reading together is a great exercise- I know my love for reading is because of that. And the illustrations in the book are great too!

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