Foodless Friday: Five Things

I had quite a busy week, working fast to avoid missing deadlines! I had a wonderful time celebrating my son’s birthday in Sri Lanka, and will put up some pictures soon. It is a beautiful country, and each time I go back I love it more and more. I wouldn’t mind moving there for good! Anyway. Here’s what I’m:

Reading: (and gagging at!) This report that has been doing the rounds, about the Starbucks Strawberry Frapp. Ewwww. Apparently, that gorgeous pink hue is not from strawberries but from GROUND COCHINEAL BUGS, which are used to make natural dyes. I don’t think I can look at a Frappuccino the same way. EVER. (I know, technically this does fall under food and drink, but hey, I do not consider bugs food. At least not in my diet.)

Watching: Lady And The Tramp. A classic Disney movie will only do you immense good, quite like a detoxifying juice fast or an exfoliating body massage.

Listening to: Zou zou bisou, sung by Jessica Pare, aka Megan, the new Mrs. Don Draper. Mad Men is back, baby! Personally, I’d zou zou bisou Draper anytime. Sigh.

Wearing: Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert, or green tea. This perfume has notes of spice and green tea, yet has the amazing ability to remain light and fresh. And I love the bottle. Simple and structured.

Adoring: This Salvatore Ferragamo woven clutch. I love woven designs for bags, and nothing says spring better than a pop of colour! Who says pink and red clash?

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Have a great weekend, everyone!


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