Foodless Friday: Five Things

For once, I am a little early with the Friday post! Not racing against clocks and timezones. Here’s what I’m:

Reading: Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams by Sylvia Plath. I first learned about Plath in high school and read The Bell Jar. Naturally, I found it deeply disturbing and melancholy. But Plath is a literary figure who has always intrigued me, and after years of re-reading The Bell Jar I picked up this book. Johnny Panic is a collection of short stories, prose and diary excerpts. The diary excerpts give us a picture of Plath’s personal life; and there is a wry humour in it which is very present-day.

Watching: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca starring Joan Fontaine  and Sir Laurence Olivier. (Sigh. He was so handsome!) Rebecca is one of my all-time favourite novels, and the Hitchcockian adaptation is very noir, very eerie. I love watching black and white films!

Listening to: Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks.

Wondering: Just what is the mysterious algorithm Facebook uses to rank and publish news feeds? Mark Zuckerberg is secretly controlling all my modern-day relationships. The friends I am not in touch with on a regular basis, and who are on my FB friends list so that I can make an effort to keep in touch, NEVER show up in my news feed. And then suddenly I see their wedding pictures and baby shower photos when a gazillion are uploaded.

Coveting: This Kate Spade tote. It encourages you to Eat Cake For Breakfast. HOW can you not love that?? (Did you know she’s related to actor David Spade? That should make for some great dinner table conversation- funnies+fashion!)

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Have a great weekend, everyone!


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