Foodless Friday: Five Things

Friday is here! And almost over in my time zone, so here’s what I’m:

Reading: Ithaca by David Davidar. I know it received some bad reviews, but I still had to read it after all that had happened. Satisfactory so far. If you want slick, fast-paced Lisbeth Salander type action, avoid.

Watching: 2 Days In Paris. HILARIOUS. A quirky, neurotic couple spends (obviously) two days in Paris as they sort out their relationship. Starring Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise) and Adam Goldberg (you will recognize him as Chandler Bing’s eccentric roommate Eddie.) Must watch, you are guaranteed to laugh! And the nice part is, that while the movie is set in Paris, the city does not consume the film. It’s more about the crazy characters and what they experience. For foodies, there are some interesting scenes involving rabbit stew and a trip to the market.

Listening to: Juno soundtrack. Easy on the ear, and makes one happy 🙂

Wearing: Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar EDT. I remember my dad gifting me a little Nantucket basket when I was around 10, and it felt like some kind of rite of passage into tweendom. I received this one as a gift as well, and adore the scent- elegant and soft.

Loving: These Genevieve Jones xo earrings. Just adorable! Need I say more?

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Have a great weekend, everyone! And since x’s and o’s are clearly in style, I shall say goodbye with them. xoxo.

Oh well. By the time I hit ‘publish’ it was Saturday. But you understand.


16 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Five Things

  1. From one GG fan to another: we must have those earrings. Also, thanks for reminding me about the Juno soundtrack. Am going to revisit it now 🙂 And Crabtree and Evelyn is opening in Delhi soon! Another reason to visit 😉

  2. You’re a part time lover and a full time friend
    The monkey on your back is the latest trend
    I don’t see what anyone can see, in anyone else
    But you

    Love your blog! 😉 Very enjoyable to read!

  3. Love this post. I love it. I always want to do something like this but cannot gather my wits to compile something extraordinary like you did. Fantastic. I ordered the book – A year on high heels but it didn’t get delivered in the time frame that I was in India. Now I have to wait for another 6-7 months before I can pick it up from my MIL’s place. 😦

    • Anita…THANK YOU!! You flatter me. You really do!! I greatly admire your fiction and photography skills 🙂 So sad the book didn’t reach on time! Normally flipkart is prompt with these things- even the imported editions.

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