Foodless Friday: Get Cloth.

Let me begin by telling you that I am technologically challenged. I usually like phones based on the quality of their camera, how well they fit in my clutch, how light they are and how good they look. The features and apps are something I am a little hazy about.

I have been trying to choose between an iPhone4 and the Samsung Galaxy S2, but have been leaning more towards the Galaxy S2… mainly because almost everyone in my family has an S2 and I think it’s a pretty decent phone. And I LIKE the fact that the back panel is plastic…I have a habit of dropping my phone too often, and now with my 9-month-old around, plastic feels like a better choice versus steel. I have been playing around with the S2 camera and some apps. Actually, just Tom The Talking Cat and the Recipe app. (I key in misspelled words like ‘weino shit zel’ to see what the search throws up. Childish? Yes. Completely crazy? Not yet.) I quite liked the S2 experience, and didn’t feel the need to look at the iPhone. What was the big difference anyway? Po-tay-toe, po-taah-toe.

My nonchalance with Apple stems from my ignorance. I have never owned an Apple phone or a computer. (An 80’s Mac does not count.) In fact, barring my iPod, I do not own any Apple devices. My iPod is most agreeable, it is nice to touch-feel-hold-listen to, but at the end of the day what I enjoy is the MUSIC. Which Steve Jobs did not create. He made carrying it around easier. And a lot nicer looking. And more fashionable. (I know a lot of people may want to punch me in the nose after reading that.)

Fashion. And portability. Which brings me to this awesome app called Cloth available for iOS, which I found via the Melie Bianco blog. This app helps you organize your outfits, label them, and rate them, so you have a walk-in closet at your fingertips. How cool is that? One look at this app, and I found myself wanting the the iPhone like never before.

Cloth. from Kirk Larsen on Vimeo.

What should you learn from this? That WOMEN are CRAZY. (Or perhaps just me.) I don’t care about Steve Jobs. I don’t care about steel panels. I don’t care about screen resolution and UIs. I don’t care about a fruit logo.

BUT- give me a fashionable app to oraganize my closet, and oooh yeah I will buy your phone.

Now, I just have to see what fashion apps the Android market has to offer before I decide. Once and for all.


17 thoughts on “Foodless Friday: Get Cloth.

  1. I switched to an iPhone from my Blackberry a month ago and can’t imagine ever being without it- I’m obsessed :)! And as much as I argue that it beats the Samsung Galaxy, this app has certainly brought something to the table- my OCD nature is especially intrigued!

  2. For me, I also want phones that are not common. There was a time when I wanted the iPhone but then everybody, EVERY body, had an iPhone, so I didn’t get one. Stuck to my HTC (windows phone) which has served me well through many falls & crashes 😀 I can be really clumsy!

  3. I am an apple ipod fan and for phones it is BB for me. I would die without the BBMessenger. Hooked and addicted for life. iPhone seem a bit flimsy since my BB was able to withstand an onslaught of my daughter ( she dipped it in a glass of water) . After repairs the BB survived but I know for sure iPhone wouldn’t have.

    • Ok now I have a whole new respect for BBs. I am still confused. My husband said there’s no point getting a new phone till our baby is a little older…he is bound to get hold of it. But I still want one! Deliberation….

  4. We are a dedicated Apple family- We have i-macs, macbooks and macbook airs. All of us have iphones and ipods. I would strongly recommend the iphone for many reasons that i cannot elaborate here. Suffice to say quality clangs and you will not be disappointed with an i phone.

    FYI- The iphone 4/4s is not made of steel or metal. Both the front and back are made of tempered glass. However, it is quite hardy and scratch resistant. Proof- my 12 year has had one for a year and half and it still looks good and works perfectly despite innumerable “accidents”!!

    Bottom line- Go for the iPhone- fantastic finish, minimalist design, integrates beautifully with your itunes library and a great set of apps!!

    Enjoy if you decide to go with the iphone!

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