Friday Food For Thought

Since I don’t actually cook stuff worthy of being photographed and posted on my blog everday, I can’t possibly write about food everyday. So I’m trying something called Friday Food For Thought so that I can post more regularly without the pressure cooking.

So on Fridays you won’t get to read about what’s on my plate but about what’s going on in my head. Food For Thought. Why Friday and not any other day? Because Friday is when we wind down, the weekend is here, and because it gives me a chance to use a stupid alliteration. Technically the weekend shouldn’t matter since I’m a work-at-home mom but laziness is always looking for new ways to manifest itself, and this is mine.

So here are 5 random things I’ve been thinking about

1. Kelly Osbourne Calling Christina Aguilera Fat.

Kelly O called Chrissy a fat b**** on Fashion Police. They’ve been feuding for years, since the time Christina was a skinny singer wearing next to nothing, and Kelly was just a plump emo celebrity kid (her only redeeming quality being her British accent. Less trashy compared to Snooki’s.) So Christina used to call Kelly fat. Which was not entirely untrue. And Kelly was hurt. Which is completely acceptable. But for someone who knows what it feels like to be made fun of, why do the same? AND- must we remind you, Christina Aguilera looks like this after giving birth to a child. She is an actress (Burlesque), a judge on The Voice and a high-octane (and high-octave!) singer. Kelly on the other hand, is still a celebrity kid with no real accomplishment of her own. So I think this round goes to Christina.


2. Top Chef Just Desserts

I love food shows and am currently addicted to Top Chef Just Desserts, season 1. For readers outside India, we get most shows a season or two later than the US of A. But I ain’t complaining. So Gail Simmons remains a judge, and looks like an evil prom queen. It’s the eyes.


Then there’s also head judge Johnny Iuzzini who Gail calls one of the best looking judges around. I’ll admit, he is nice looking, but in all the episodes I’v seen, he sports a pompadour and sideburns. Think Suzy Menkes meets Elvis. See?


3. Are You Jimmy Ray?

Since Johnny Iuzzini got me thinking about Elvis, I remembered this old song, that was quite popular back in the day. The guy in the video looks like Johnny with Manorexia. Jimmy Ray.

4. Airtel

I have been wondering how many people are on the payrolls of Bharti Airtel since I get at least 4 calls a day asking whether I would like a new connection/phone. And all these calls are from different people, calling from different numbers, with different offers. And I ALWAYS say no. Sooo many people employed to disturb customers who clearly don’t give a shit. No wonder the company saw a 6th straight quarterly loss. Hmmph.

5. McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits

I have been watching this advertisement for McVitie’s digestive biscuits on television and think this is the most pathetic jingle and concept I’ve seen in a long time. Several heads moving side to side in Brady Bunch-inspired multiple windows. WITH BIPASHA BASU IN THE MIDDLE, who looks more like an idiot than ever. She clearly does not Love Herself if she is part of this ridiculous ad. And you know what rankles me? She say’s McWITTIES not McVITIE’S.


I feel bad that Bipasha and John had to end things, because he is the only person in Bollywood beefier than her. Please note- I said PERSON, not MAN.

That’s all I’ve been thinking about, really. For dinner, it’s going to be pasta 🙂


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