CNN’s 50 Most Delicious Foods!!

CNN’s list of the world’s 50 most delicious foods is here!

India features twice, the masala dosa at #49, and butter garlic crab at #25. The dish supreme at number 1 is Thai massaman curry. I have eaten many foods on the list, but it’s more fun to see how many of those foods I’ve eaten in their countries of origin. So here goes my little list, just for fun. I’ve numbered them corresponding to their rank on CNN’s  list.

#50 Buttered popcorn, USA (Staple with Milk Duds at the movies.)

#49 Masala doasa, India (Duh. I live here.)

#48 Potato chips, USA (Pringles ki jai.)

#47 Seafood paella, Spain

#45 Chicken rice, Singapore

#40 Marzipan, Germany

#39 Ketchup, USA

#35 Chilli crab, Singapore

#22 Brownie and vanilla ice cream, global (Haven’t we all?)

#17 Lobster, global

#14 Donuts, USA (custard and jelly-filled win hands down.)

#13 Corn on the cob, global (As a hungry university student  in Delhi, bhutta was the cheapest! And tasty.)

#11 Rendang, Indonesia

#9 Ice-cream, USA (Rocky road… mmmmmm!)

#7 Penang assam laksa, Malyasia

#6 Hamburger, Germany (It was in Munich, not Hamburg, but still counts.)

#4 Sushi, Japan (I was 9 years old at the time, but still remember it. When you are young and think the wasabi rosette is pea-paste, and spread it generously on your sushi, believe you me, YOU WILL NEVER FORGET IT. My nose twitches and my eyes water just thinking about it.)

thanks to istockphoto and for the picture

You can read CNN’s whole list  here.

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