Pregnancy Superfood: Protein-Enriched Tuna Salad

While I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. Couldn’t help it. So we had to come up with healthy snacking options to keep the baby happy, and since I had fluctuating sugar levels, I had to be careful about what I was snacking on.

Pregnancy also means getting on a high-protein diet, so pulses, beans, eggs, fish, lean chicken meat- all good! I love tuna, so my Dad and I came up with a tuna salad pumped up with extra proteins. I used canned tuna, boiled eggs, steamed beans, onions, tomatoes and some old bread that I toasted into croutons.

Up Close


Tuna- half a can

1 boiled egg, chopped (you can avoid this if you don’t like boiled eggs)

Croutons, ½ cup

Steamed green beans, ½ cup

1 medium-sized tomato – chopped (I de-seeded the tomato and removed the pith because I didn’t want the croutons to get too soggy.)

1 medium-sized onion, sliced


For the dressing, I made a quick honey-mustard, and added some dried oregano and cracked pepper. I made this the easy way; putting Dijon mustard, lime juice, honey, oregano and cracked pepper into a jar and giving it a vigorous shake. If you have any leftover mustard, then it’s a good idea to make some in the jar and save it for later, like the Amateur Gourmet.

Toss everything together with the dressing. And you’re done.

Lotsa Protein

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